Consumer Welfare Fund

Details of CWF Constituted in States

S.No Name of State/UT Account Details
Procedure of making deposit
1 Andhra Pradesh PD Account Number: 191/CRT Head of Account: 8449-00-120-00-58-000-000VN   DDO Code: 90000000133 PD Administrator; Commissioner,Commercial Taxes, AP
2 Bihar State Bank of India, FD A/c No. 34785281508 and SB A/c No. 33613151371, Indian Bank Fixed Deposit A/c No. 6212919146, and SB A/C No. 6210654951
3 Goa 8229- Development & Welfare Fund, 00-123 Consumer Welfare Fund-01- State Consumer Welfare Fund-00 Click here for detail
4 Gujarat Major Head 8229- Development & Welfare Funds, Sub major head 00, Minor Head 123 Consumer Welfare Fund, Sub Head 01- Gujarat Goods and Services Tax Consumer Welfare Fund Click here for detail
5 Haryana

Major Head-8229-Development and Welfare Fund, Sub Major Head - 51-NA,Minor Head - 123-Consumer Welfare Funds, Sub Head- 98-Consumer Welfare Fund under the Haryana State GST Act 2017, Detailed Head - 51-NA, Object Head - 00-No standard object head

6 Himachal Pradesh 8229-123-Consumer Welfare Fund (10)
7 Jammu & Kashmir MH-0070-Other Administrative Services (Other Receipts)
8 Jharkhand Major Head-8229- Sub Major Code-00, Minor Code-200, Sub Head-02
9 Karnataka Head of Account- 0006-00-101-1-01
10 Kerala 8229-Development and welfare Funds -200 Other Development and Welfare Fund -87 Consumer Welfare Fund under the Kerala State GST Act, 2017 Click here for detail
11 Madhya Pradesh Major head 8229- Development & Welfare Fund, Minor head-123-Consumer Welfare Fund-New Scheme No. 1302-Govt. of India (GST Department) Receipts
12 Maharashtra Account Head 8229- Development & Welfare Fund, Consumer Welfare Fund under GST, RBI Mumbai A/c No. 01585901055 Click here for detail
13 Meghalaya 8229-Development and Welfare Funds - 00-123-Consumer Welfare Fund-(01)-Consumer Welfare Fund
14 Mizoram 8449-Other Deposits, 00-120-Miscellaneous deposits, 01-State Consumer Welfare Fund under GST, 00- Click here for detail
15 Nagaland Major Head Account 8229-Development and Welfare Funds, Sub Major Head-00, Minor Head 123-Consumer Welfare Fund and Scheme Head 01- Nagaland State Consumer Welfare Fund
16 Odisha 8229-Development and Welfare Fund-00-123-Consumer Welfare Fund-2531-Corpus Fund for Consumer Welfare -91345-GST Consumer Welfare Fund Click here for detail
17 Punjab 8229-Development & Welfare Funds-Major Head-00-Sub Major Head-123-Consumer Welfare Fund-Minor Head-01
   18 Rajasthan 0006-State Goods and Services Tax, 00-800- Other Receipts, 01- Collection, 01- Misc Receipts.
19 Sikkim SB Account No. 100134001000093, Sikkim State Cooperative Bank Ltd., Gangtok Branch Click here for detail
   20 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu State Consumer Welfare Fund 8229-00-123-AA (Existing Head Of Account)
 21 Telangana Head of Account "8229-Development and Welfare Funds-MH 123 Consumer Welfare Fund-SH(01) Consumer Welfare Fund"
   22 Tripura Minor Head 123- Consumer Welfare Fund
Click here for detail
   23 Uttarakhand 8229-Development and Welfare Fund-00-123 Consumer Welfare Fund - 02 GST Consumer Welfare Fund-01 GST Consumer Welfare Fund
   24 West Bengal Head of Account-8235-00-200-002
 25 Puducherry Major Head-8229-Sub Major Code-00, Minor Code-200, Sub Minor-01
 26 CENTRAL SHARE OF CWF Grant No. 800, 8229- 123-Consumer Welfare Fund
Assam State Bank of India, SB A/c No. 39729032867, Account Name: Assam Consumer Welfare Fund- Assam GST
Manipur Account No. 39698961574, Account Name: Manipur State Consumer Welfare Fund, Dept of Taxes.
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