Consumer Welfare Fund

Details of CWF Constituted in States

S.No Name of State/UT Account Details
Procedure of making deposit
1 Andhra Pradesh PD Account Number: 191/CRT Head of Account: 8449-00-120-00-58-000-000VN   DDO Code: 90000000133 PD Administrator; Commissioner,Commercial Taxes, AP
2 Bihar State Bank of India, FD A/c No. 34785281508 and SB A/c No. 33613151371, Indian Bank Fixed Deposit A/c No. 6212919146, and SB A/C No. 6210654951
3 Goa 8229- Development & Welfare Fund, 00-123 Consumer Welfare Fund-01- State Consumer Welfare Fund-00 Click here for detail
4 Gujarat Major Head 8229- Development & Welfare Funds, Sub major head 00, Minor Head 123 Consumer Welfare Fund, Sub Head 01- Gujarat Goods and Services Tax Consumer Welfare Fund Click here for detail
5 Haryana

Major Head-8229-Development and Welfare Fund, Sub Major Head - 51-NA,Minor Head - 123-Consumer Welfare Funds, Sub Head- 98-Consumer Welfare Fund under the Haryana State GST Act 2017, Detailed Head - 51-NA, Object Head - 00-No standard object head

6 Himachal Pradesh 8229-00-123-02 GST Consumer Welfare Fund (Excise and Taxation Department) Click here for detail
7 Jammu & Kashmir MH-0070-Other Administrative Services (Other Receipts)
8 Jharkhand Major Head-8229- Sub Major Code-00, Minor Code-200, Sub Head-02
9 Karnataka Head of Account- 0006-00-101-1-01
10 Kerala 8229-Development and welfare Funds -200 Other Development and Welfare Fund -87 Consumer Welfare Fund under the Kerala State GST Act, 2017 Click here for detail
11 Madhya Pradesh Main Head 8229- Development & Welfare Fund, Minor Head-123-Consumer Welfare Fund-Scheme New Scheme No. 1407-Govt. of India (GST Department) Receipts
12 Maharashtra Account Head 8229- Development & Welfare Fund, Consumer Welfare Fund under GST, RBI Mumbai A/c No. 01585901055, Account Head - 8229 Click here for detail
13 Meghalaya 8229-Development and Welfare Funds - 00-123-Consumer Welfare Fund-(01)-Consumer Welfare Fund
14 Mizoram 8449-Other Deposits, 00-120-Miscellaneous deposits, 01-State Consumer Welfare Fund under GST, 00- Click here for detail
15 Nagaland Major Head Account 8229-Development and Welfare Funds, Sub Major Head-00, Minor Head 123-Consumer Welfare Fund and Scheme Head 01- Nagaland State Consumer Welfare Fund
16 Odisha 8229-Development and Welfare Fund-00-123-Consumer Welfare Fund-2531-Corpus Fund for Consumer Welfare -91345-GST Consumer Welfare Fund Click here for detail
17 Punjab Major Head- 8229-Development & Welfare Funds, Sub-Major Head-00, Minor Head-123-Consumer Welfare Fund, Proposed Sub-Head-01-Consumer Welfare Fund, Detailed-Head-00
   18 Rajasthan 0006-State Goods and Services Tax-00-800- Other Receipts-(01)-Collection-[02]-Consumer Welfare Fund. Click here for detail
19 Sikkim SB Account No. 100134001000093, Sikkim State Cooperative Bank Ltd., Gangtok Branch Click here for detail
   20 Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu State Consumer Welfare Fund 8229-00-123-AA (Existing Head Of Account)
 21 Telangana Head of Account "8229-Development and Welfare Funds-MH 123 Consumer Welfare Fund-SH(01) Consumer Welfare Fund"
   22 Tripura Head of Account-8229-00-123-45-11 Click here for detail
   23 Uttarakhand 8229-Development and Welfare Fund-00-123 Consumer Welfare Fund - 02 GST Consumer Welfare Fund-01 GST Consumer Welfare Fund
   24 West Bengal Head of Account-8235-00-200-002
 25 Puducherry (8229 00 200 01) Major Head-8229-Development and Welfare Fund, Sub Major - 00, Minor -200-Other Development and Welfare Fund, Sub Minor-01-Consumer Welfare Fund under Puducherry GST Act, 2017
 26 CENTRAL SHARE OF CWF Grant No. 800, 8229- 123-Consumer Welfare Fund Click here for detail
Assam State Bank of India, SB A/c No. 39729032867, Account Name: Assam Consumer Welfare Fund- Assam GST
Manipur Account No. 39698961574, Account Name: Manipur State Consumer Welfare Fund, Dept of Taxes.
Uttar Pradesh 8229-Development and Welfare Fund- 123-Consumer Welfare Fund- 01- Consumer Welfare Fund 

Chandigarh Major Head - 8229-Development of Welfare Fund, Sub Major Head - 00, Minor Head - 123 - Consumer Welfare Fund, Sub Head - 00- Consumer Welfare Fund, 00 - Consumer Welfare Fund.  
NCT of Delhi
Major Head - 0047-Other Fiscal Services, Sub Major Head - 00 -Other Fiscal Services, Minor Head - 800-Other Receipts, Sub Head-99-Receipts from orders of Anti-profiteering Authority under Section 171 of DGST Act, 2017, Detailed Head -00- Receipts from orders of Anti-profiteering Authority under Section 171 of DGST Act, 2017 , Object Head - 00-Default